What is Tortolines?

It is a gluten-free chips without regret! It is gluten-free, contains neither preservatives nor artificial colours. Having a chat with friends and family evenings were hard to imagine without snacks, thus without guilt!

The plantain-based, nutritious and irresistible Tortolines chips has now arrived to us from the tropical wonderland of Ecuador so that it can flavor our snacks without regret. It is a chips with quality ingredients and without artificial colors or preservatives and with a low salt content.

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What advantages does Tortolines offer?


We promise that each Tortolines chips brand is gluten-free. You do not need to worry about anything when taking our products carrying the Gluten Free seal!

Low salt-content

Flavoring of Tortolines chips does not contain even a fourth of the allowed level of salt. We are concerned about your health!

Cukor nélkül
No added sugar

You can meet the naturally inherent sugar of plantain in the Tortolines packs only. ;)

100% natural ingredients

Plantain, vegetable oil, jalapeno chili... We insist on natural and quality ingredients for every flavoring!

Free of preservatives

We do not add any preservatives. We seek the natural goodness of the ingredients.

Szímezék mentes
Without any artificial color

The natural color of plantain is just perfect. It is the flavor and the quality that matter!