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The test report issued by WESSLING Hungary Environmental, Food Safety, Health Protection and Quality Services Ltd. proves the absence of gluten in Tortolines plantain chips.

Test report No: 301805/1

Banana is one of the most widely grown and consumed fruits all over the world.

It is the ripe Cavendish banana that is consumed in civilized cultures, while green banana and plantain are staple food in the banana-producing poorer countries. Plantain is a fruit of high nutritional value, it is rich in minerals and dietary fiber and contains resistant starch. Accessibility of plantain-based products is relatively limited in Europe, the whole culture of plantain is therefore still developing.

It can offer an excellent alternative to conventional raw materials. Its main feature is the resistant starch (RS) content, its absorption in the body and effect on metabolism is different than that of other starches. There are a lot of research projects focusing on plantain with resistant starch.

As a result of palm-oil-frying and natural-only seasoning, this inherently gluten-free product might be an excellent nutritious alternative to the popular potato chips of the European market…

…all this without sugar and artificial flavor enhancers…

Plantain might be thought to be even a banana for the first look. When you would bite an unripe one, you would forget all your doubts. Plantain (plátano) is very different from the “conventional” variety known to us, the Cavendish banana.

Plantain is widely grown and consumed. It is most commonly eaten as a deep-fried side dish, and as a staple food in many tropical countries: they use it for curries, chutneys. Its main difference from other varieties of banana (which has so many varieties that a separate study could be made in the topic) lies within the fact that it is much bigger and has a much higher starch content.

When it is very green, it so terribly bitter that it puckers the mouth up. Practically you can not eat it when it is raw. It does not really taste like banana but much more like root vegetables, with a relatively neutral, slightly sweet aftertaste. But if you cook or fry it, it will be excellent.

In the kitchen it is usually cooked in a vegetable dish or stew like the Mexican chocolate mole (it has at least a variety that has it), but most of the time it is deep-fried in palm-oil. In the banana republics it is eaten as French fries all the time and with everything. It is excellent when fried, it is one of the greatest snacks.

– Ecuador is far away
– right until the question of gluten had not been important, nobody had thought of looking for an alternative
– a fruit that has vegetable features

Plantain chips offers a healthy alternative to potato chips or other fatty food. The truth is that potato chips are rich in fat and calories and contain only a few essential nutrients. Plantain chips have however a lot of dietary fiber, with a usually low sodium content.

Plantain has a high fiber content. Each 100 g of plantain chips offers 10 percent of the recommended daily fiber intake and this is about twice or three times higher than in the case of the potato chips. People living in civilized societies do not consume enough fiber and this can lead to digestive problems and overweight. Fibers slow down digestion to promote satiation with a lower intake of calories and help to prevent the development of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

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Peeled, sliced plantain is the base material for the Tortolines plantain chips. During production of the precooked version, the still unpeeled plantain is mildly cooked, making sure that it is not overcooked and the nutritional values of the fruit are not spoiled. The cooked plantain is then put into cold water and cooled to a lukewarm temperature and is then peeled.

The peeled plantain is sliced to thin slices and flavored (except for the Naturally sweet Tortolines chips), then deep-fried in palm-oil to make the plantain chips. The plantanio fruit is picked green and unripe, taking care to do it still before saccharification would start in the fruit.

(The Naturally sweet Tortolines chips is not flavored at all. Sweetness comes from the caramelization of fructose during deep-frying.)

There is not any minimum order value, but it is worth ordering more packs for the shipping price.